Production Diary: The Case of Us Music Video (Official)

Last spring as a part of my second-year final production at university, I took on the challenge of producing an indie punk music video for ‘The Case of Us’ specifically for the premier of their new EP launch – “Tunnel vision”.

Roles: Producer & Director, Editor, Camera

Filming Dates:

15th March 2019 (Brighton Beach)

19th March 2019 (Brighton Beach/B-Roll)

20th March 2019 (9-5:30pm) (Watts, TV Studio)


Before researching and advertising for a band to collaborate with, I produced a moodboard with differing shots and styles and also looked at my favourite indie music videos by British and American cinematographers. I knew from the get-go that I wanted to produce an indie alternative music video and experiment with slow-motion, reverse narrative order, retro aesthetics, silhouettes, one-point perspective centralised shots and extreme close-ups.


All production days went incredibly smoothly, we had a shoot across three days. The primary shoot took place in Watts Television Studio, 9-5pm with a basic band set-up; black backdrop, singer at the front standing on top of a red carpet and many props from the bands live touring show which included a small retro television.

We used three production black magic cameras; one focused primarily on the female singer of the band Ebony, one on the drummer, the third on the bass and guitarist. It was important to me to get some very good intimate close-up shots of Ebony in slow-motion lip-syncing the lyrics to the song, she was the face of the band and they turned out to be the best shots of the video. I wanted to draw out the personalities of the male musicians in the band out too, through creative shots. We used a gimbal under the pier to highlight each band member that were later edited in post to become black and white portraying a sense of moodiness. The Case of Us had multiple costume and make-up changes and we wanted fast cuts between the outfit changes to challenge continuity and break the rules of cinema.

Clip one: Behind the scenes...


Upon reflection, I have acknowledged the music video lacked narrative – and this lack of narrative meant the nostalgia that I wanted to recreate for audience viewing caused restrictions in submitting the music video for film festivals. Although production days went very smoothly, the video essentially ended up as a portrait of the band which was not my original intention. However, I am quite proud with my first attempt on this music video and hope I can use this experience to grow and work with future indie bands. I’ve always enjoyed working with music, I’m inspired by the marriage of visual and musical audio.

Originally through post-production, I wanted to have some of the band’s performance playing through a small retro television as a dysfunctional couple fight in the middle of the woods tripping on acid. However, the actors pulled out at the last minute, removing the narrative from the video and due to the time restrictions of university deadlines, I had to remove the narrative element altogether. Once I’ve graduated, I am hoping I have the time to re-shoot the narrative components and re-edit the music video until I am happier with it. It was a good experiment and standard of work and I do not want it to go to waste.

Post-production was difficult as I used a fish-eye lens for some of the band portraits and although the shots came out well and very colourful, I was unable to put all footage through as super-8 old retro film. I also had some good quality footage from the television studio session, which required little colour grading and did not want to use the retro filter on such strong fluid footage. At the time, I really wanted a black backdrop, but on reflection I’d like to experiment with greenscreen and make more use of psychedelic backgrounds.

Watch the first draft of music video here:

Behind the scenes gallery....

On Location: 15th March 2019 (Brighton Beach)

On Location: 15th March 2019 (Brighton Beach)

TV Studio: 20th March 2019 (9-5:30pm)

Hair and Make-Up...

Behind the scenes photography....

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